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What we do

Glue Network’s platform, Gluware 2.0, is comprised of Gluware Control and Gluware Lab. A software only, cloud-based SD-WAN solution, Gluware 2.0 enables simple and robust life cycle management and provisioning of wide area networks (WANs). With Gluware Control, businesses deploy and manage their WAN through an intuitive graphical user interface using pre-built, best-practice SD-WAN features and architectures. Gluware Lab provides broad solution customization possibilities, allowing new levels of network modeling and abstraction that can be deployed quickly, securely and predictably across a WAN.

SD-WAN needs new management capabilities

Conventional WAN

Conventional WAN = manual and scripted configurations makes management of advanced architectures difficult and error-prone


SD-WAN = automation and intelligent orchestration allows for simplified deployment and agile management of advanced hybrid (private + broadband) WAN architectures

The DevOps Cycle – Plan, Build, Run

bullet-greenIntegrated Approach to Network Management

bullet-greenCollaboration through an entire services lifecycle for faster time to market

bullet-greenIncreased speed and highly customized deployment of IT devices and services

How to get there

Finding a solution or combination of solutions that meet business requirements can be daunting. It’s imperative to find solutions that provide the right features, fit within the budget and are simple to implement with existing personnel.

At Glue we believe that a gradual approach to a SD-WAN migration that leverages existing (Cisco) devices is optimal. Say no to “rip and replace” or purchasing new hardware to support your transition. Gluware 2.0 provides business with a platform that enables a smooth transition to SD-WAN, simplifying complexity, lowering lifecycle costs and boosting agility, all while being flexible and customizable for any feature or architecture.