Use Case - QoS Model Change

Customer’s production QoS model was did not take into account a small percentage of bandwidth reserved for class-default. This caused an issue on certain router / IOS platforms that did not allow for all 100% of bandwidth to be allocated with none reserved for class-default.

Traditional Scenario

Without Gluware, we would need to determine the CLI needed for the new model and manually deploy to all existing CPE nodes. While engineering labor hours may be small the risk for manual error would be high.

Gluware Scenario

Using Gluware Control, we can simply edit the existing QoS model in Control and verify the CLI via Preview or against a test CPE. We can then roll out to all CPEs by simply triggering a re-provision. This ensures the QoS configuration is applied uniformly across the entire fleet of CPEs and can be completed by a single engineer in a minimal amount of time.

Net Benefit

The traditional scenario would have taken several days to complete even for 11 sites. Using Gluware control, the migration time was 3 hours.