Use Case - Single to Dual DMVPN Model

Glue Networks implemented a single DMVPN tunnel model for Customer’s overseas installations in February of 2016 using Gluware 2.0. Four months later, the Customer wanted to adjust the model to use dual DMVPN tunnels in an active / standby configuration.

Traditional Scenario

Without Gluware, we would have to build up the new VHE, crypto, and site routing and then touch each CPE that was already provisioned and manually add the new tunnel, IP SLA, necessary ACLs, etc. Engineering labor hours would be quite intensive and risk of error due to manual configuration would be high.

Gluware Scenario

Using Gluware Control, we were able to clone many aspects of the existing DMVPN network definition to create a new model for the second datacenter. This saved a large amount of time from defining the CLI required to make this change. We were also able to adjust the connectivity model for the CPEs to go from single to dual DMPVN. We could then deploy to the CPEs with a simple re-provisioning process. This ensured that the configuration applied to all CPEs was consistent and functional. This was all done by a single engineer using Control. No other resources required.

Net Benefit

We would estimate the traditional scenario would have taken 1.5-2 weeks to complete. With Gluware, the migration work was several hours.