Use Case - Device Swap for Failure or Upgrade/Downgrade

A common scenario that may occur with a production customer would be hardware failure at a CPE / branch location. RMA or new hardware replacement would result with a different device (serial number / possible IOS change). Similarly, upgrading the CPE to a newer platform would require considerable effort to migrate the configuration to the new hardware and OS.

Traditional Scenario

Without Gluware, we would need to review a copy of the original device configuration. We would then need to adapt it if the hardware / IOS version requires modification for an upgrade example (going from 1921 to 4321 platform for example). Any change in hardware or OS would require extensive re-write of the configuration, especially if the new OS had a variant command syntax.

Gluware Scenario

Using Gluware Control, if the hardware platform is the same just a different serial number as would be the case with RMA, we can simply update the serial number in the Node definition and any associated reservations. We can then simply provision to bring the device into production operation quite quickly. In the case of an upgrade to the platform (1921 to 4321 example), the abstracted nature of the definition in Control would allow us to simply create a new platform map and interface definitions. We can then adjust the iWANAssembly and Node details with the new mappings and provision back into production operation.

Net Benefit

The traditional scenario would result in significant downtime to the site while new hardware was installed, the configuration was applied/modified and tested prior to production. In the Gluware scenario the majority of downtime is simply how long it takes the local contacts to get replacement hardware onsite and accessible online for provisioning. From there it’s a few minute re-provisioning and the site is live.