Use Case - Compliance Management

Customers, especially in specific verticals such as Finance, require a periodic check of configurations of the network platforms to ensure that they are within compliance as required by any filings, etc.

Traditional Scenario

Typically, access to devices can be recorded by using a tool such as Syslog and searching the logs for log in to the device.  Beyond that, the only method previously available to check running configurations against what is expected to be on the CPE was to do a line-by-line comparison which can be labor intensive and prone to error.  The configuration would then have to be manually restored to the correct version.  This is further complicated by manual configurations being done be varying engineers, who have their own style to implement things like ACL’s, etc.

Gluware Scenario

Gluware provides a consistent implementation to reduce the variance in configurations across the network.  In addition, Gluware alerts to any manual changes being made to a platform and provides a simple remediation to return the configuration to the intended state very quickly.

Net Benefit

Customers with large networks or complex configurations (such as lengthy ACLs or firewalls) would spend an exorbitant amount of time and effort in manually verifying the state of the device configurations.  Gluware provides a simple dashboard view to ensure configuration state, and a rapid method of remediation to return out-of-compliance configurations to the intended state.