Use Case - Adding a New Feature

A common scenario is a customer would like to add a new capability such as SNMP monitoring, IP Multicast, or adding a new Netflow configuration.

Traditional Scenario

Without Gluware, we would need to determine the CLI needed to add the necessary SNMP, IP Multicast or Netflow configuration elements. We would then need to touch each CPE and manually add the configuration to the device. For a smaller number of devices, engineering labor hours may not be too burdensome but at scale it can quickly consume a large amount of time / staffing resources to apply the changes. Traditional scenario could also utilize scripting to speed up the application process but it would still require initial CLI configuration creation and adjustment depending on platforms deployed (various hardware types would need to be accounted for in developing custom scripting to handle variations in interfaces, etc; differing OSs would require the syntax to be reviewed and modified as necessary).

Gluware Scenario

Using Gluware Control, we can add a new SNMP, IP Multicast or Netflow feature, complete the definition details and add it to the iWANAssembly for that particular node type. A follow up re-provisioning would be all that is needed to push the configuration to the CPEs. If platforms are different, the abstraction already present in Control would not require any manual adjustment. The engine would automatically calculate the different commands needed for interfaces on a CSR versus a 4431.

Net Benefit

The traditional scenario would require just a few hours defining the CLI and applying to a small number of test devices manually. But at over 100 branches this would require a significant amount of time to plan, deploy, and manually validate. Gluware Control makes new feature rollout very efficient and scalable with changes pushed in minutes vs. 1+ week in the traditional manner. In more complex networks, migration changes across the network can take months.