Take Control of Your Network

Model-Driven, Network-Aware Orchestration

Gluware 2.0 – A single platform built around DevOps principles of designing, validating, deploying and maintaining networks.
Gluware provides built-in solutions for WAN and SD-WAN networking. 

Three main components

three main components
Gluware control

Gluware Control

bullet-greyDynamic Network Modeling w/ intuitive user interface

bullet-greyNetwork-aware zero-touch deployment and life cycle management

bullet-greyPre-built best-practice or customizable architectures

bullet-greyPre-validation, verification and instant rollback capabilities

bullet-greyEnsure compliance and policy through out-of-sync notification

bullet-greyFull PKI automation and 2FA security

bullet-greyPre-integrated with Cisco IWAN

solutions control
lab solutions

Gluware Lab & Network Development Kit

bullet-greyDesign and validate new architectures

bullet-greyFully customizable policies and features with integrated data model and UI generation

bullet-greyNetwork Development Kit (NDK) = ready made elements
and pre-integrated architectures

bullet-greyFlexible Language Object Workstream (FLOW)  = open standards based abstraction framework designed for network engineers

lab solutions large

Intelligent Orchestration Engine

bullet-greyBuilt on deployed and proven Gluware 1.0 engine

bullet-greyNetwork-aware = orchestration engine is aware of the state of granular features, interdependencies of those features and policies, and overall network architecture

bullet-greyNetwork-aware also extends to customized features
developed with Gluware Lab

bullet-greyCloud-based, multi-tenant and massively scalable for large enterprise or MSP

bullet-greyAutomation of management plane, highly secure as control and data planes remain encapsulated within enterprise network

g engine

Gluware 2.0 – Customizable, Network-Aware, Lifecycle Management

complete lifecycle management