Zero-touch Provisioning

Take Control of Your Network with Glue Networks’ Software Define Network Orchestration product, Gluware®.
Gluware zero-touch provisioning provides the ability to build a USB bundle for a network device so that all it needs to be provisioned is to be installed and powered up with the USB bundle on a USB memory stick. When powered up, the device will use the file from the USB memory stick, apply the initial configuration which enables the Gluware Orchestration to connect and complete the provisioning remotely.
For network devices already installed and running, Gluware provides an Advanced provisioning mode which just requires IP connectivity to connect and take over configuration management.

Gluware Orchestration with Zero-touch Provisioning

With Gluware’s software-defined network orchestration solution, IT organizations can now create a transparent logical network layer across service providers’ technologies and service offerings. Using policies, they can add and control advanced network features such as traffic routing, or custom security measures. This helps enterprises meet strict compliance requirements while optimizing use of their existing network capabilities and maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Significant savings can be realized by leveraging existing Internet broadband and cellular data as cost-effective alternatives to private circuits on a global scale… and, best of all, on one simplified, overall architecture. Gluware logically unravels the existing mesh of legacy WAN networks, allowing IT organization to easily manage large infrastructure networks while optimizing and accelerating the various underlying network architectures. Since an SD-WAN overlay network cannot address physical poor-performing WAN connections, a well-managed underlying network architecture is key to success.

Glue Networks understands all of the challenges of WAN network deployment and brings you a single platform built around DevOps principles of designing, validating, deploying and managing networks. This cloud-based platform is built on Glue Networks’ proven intelligent orchestration engine.

Automate present and future, physical and virtual infrastructures and optimally distribute traffic over any transport. For more information on this cloud-based, multi-tenant and massively scalable solution for enterprises, commercial businesses or managed service providers(MSPs), contact Glue Networks today!