Orchestrating WAN Optimization for Business Critical Applications

WAN optimization provides a number of benefits including increased application performance and more efficient use of the bandwidth resulting in a greatly improve user experience over a wide area network. This is usually accomplished by using specialized vendor hardware at each location which applies compression and/or data deduplication algorithms to reduce the size of data required for transmission across the WAN. WAN optimization continues to evolve supporting new application types and deployment options from virtual network functions and delivered via cloud based services.

Management of WAN optimization however, has not evolved much, in fact it has become more difficult with larger networks, multi-vendor branch locations and increasing rate of change required for policy management. With Gluware®, WAN optimization management is accomplished through software defined network orchestration. Gluware enables centralized policy control and unification of multi-vendor device management. Gluware provides pre-built features for WAN optimization management and is fully customizable using Gluware Lab. Using Gluware, IT Operations are enabled to be responsive to adjust policies and deliver the performance and response time required for business critical applications.

Gluware – Orchestration for Your WAN Optimization

Gluware leverages a model-driven orchestration engine which is vendor agnostic enabling automation and control of any network device with a CLI, API or REST interface. Once a basic vendor feature package is supported the orchestration engine is taught how to interact with each device and the feature library can easily be extended and customized for any unique configuration requirement.

Gluware model-driven orchestration can expose and control any of the underlying features of the vendor device. For WAN optimization orchestration this typically includes:

  • Compression, deduplication and caching – Reducing the bandwidth required over the WAN
  • Error correction – Minimizing lost packets and reducing the amount of retransmissions required
  • Traffic shaping – Allowing enterprise IT departments to prioritize traffic from their most important application sources, ensuring that mission critical applications are highly available
  • Traffic limits – Preventing denial of service attacks, limiting exposure to gridlock, or simply preventing an unfair share of resources to one user
  • Equalizing – Providing policies on priority data to prevent congestion
  • Latency algorithms – Offering control for optimum TCP throughput
  • DC-to-DC optimization – Providing faster replication and synchronization

Gluware is the orchestration engine for intelligent WAN management and control. To learn more about the benefits of multi-vendor, centralized policy based configuration Gluware, contact Glue Networks. Take control of your network today!