Simplifying WAN Complexity with SD-WAN

Wide Area Network (WAN) configuration management has become increasingly complex, especially at branch sites where Internet connectivity and the use of public cloud services are driving network requirements. Emerging Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions provide configuration management leveraging diverse network transport with application path control and QoS – ideally all through a central policy manager.

Three approaches to SD-WAN include:

Controller-based which performs an auto-discovery of the network layer and can provide policy based configuration of the network nodes. This typically requires uniform, single vendor network layer devices.

Appliance-based overlay solutions that create a virtual IP network between the appliances over the existing transport network.  This is typically combined with vendor specific management tools.

Advanced orchestration and automation providing centralized policy management and a change control solution to manage SD-WAN features leveraging the existing hardware.

Gluware® for SD-WAN Control and Optimization

Gluware is a single platform built around DevOps principles of designing, validating, deploying and managing Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) and is built on Glue Networks’ proven intelligent orchestration engine. Gluware features:

  • Network-aware orchestration engine “understands” the inter-dependencies between features, overall policies, and network architecture
  • Cloud-based or on-prem,  multi-tenant, multi-vendor and massively scalable for enterprises, commercial businesses or MSPs
  • Advanced provisioning and construction of  network features including SD-WAN with zero-touch provisioning and life-cycle management

Gluware has been designed with workflow integration in mind. Pre-built models can be customized, or models can be built from scratch with Gluware Lab. Gluware Control is used to configure and deploy these models. Network engineers can use this approach to find the correct integration points with FCAPS and ITIL driven internal process methodologies for complete life-cycle management.

Gluware’s powerful interface for validation of new architectures, fully customizable policies and features, integrated data model, and automated GUI generation make SD-WAN control and optimization simpler, faster, and more cost effective. A Dynamic Network Development Kit (D-NDK), Flexible Language Object Workstream (FLOW), and open-standards based framework are designed by network engineers for network engineers.

Gluware offers an intuitive user interface for dynamic network modeling. Pre-validation, verification and an auto-revert features during failure protect your network automatically and are readily enabled through Gluware’s network awareness capabilities. Lower your risk through a true zero-touch deployment and life cycle management solution. Gluware will maintain all policy compliance with out-of-sync notification and full PKI automation and 2FA security.

Glue Networks is a Cisco Solution Partner and delivers its Gluware solution with pre-built best-practice and customizable architectures.

Glue Networks Provides ONUG SD-WAN Top 10

Glue Networks is an active member of the ONUG SD-WAN working group and has worked closely with the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) community since 2012. Glue Networks has been a participant at every ONUG conference and CEO Jeff Gray was a founding member of the ONUG SD-WAN Working Group that defined the use case and requirements for the ONUG SD-WAN Top 10, which are:

  • Public/Private & Active/Active
  • Physical & Virtual CPE
  • Secure Hybrid WAN
  • Visibility & Policy Steering
  • Scalable and Resilient
  • L2 & L3 Interoperability
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • API
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
  • FIPS Certified Crypto & Automated PKI

As a result of these efforts, ONUG SD-WAN network engineers can now implement the world’s most advanced WAN architectures in an automated fashion without having to manually build and maintain the network. This automation, offered by Gluware, allows enterprises to build more feature rich network architectures, while reducing the complexities and eliminating the painful implementation and upkeep. Gluware is instrumental in building fully deployed global production networks that adhere to the ONUG SD-WAN Top 10, allowing Glue Networks customers the ability to quickly roll-out new features without a rip-and-replace of their current WAN investments.

Glue Networks provides a simple, fast, highly agile automated approach to adding advanced features to the network with full SD-WAN control and optimization. The Gluware intelligent orchestration engine can provision and deploy nodes in minutes vs. weeks or months with manual solutions, and dramatically simplifies the ongoing management of WAN infrastructure.

Glue Networks pioneered the industry’s first intelligent orchestration engine and suite of networking applications for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks. Gluware not only simplifies the configuration and management of complex SD-WAN deployments, but it accelerates time to value. Glue Networks currently powers mission critical SD-WANs for blue chip enterprises and service providers worldwide.

It’s time you reduce costs and dramatically increasing the ability to respond to change. For intelligent SD-WAN optimization and control, contact Glue Networks today!