Gluware 3rd Party Integration

Glue Networks provides a simple, fast, highly agile automated approach to adding advanced features to the network with full WAN control and optimization. In addition, Gluware offers true zero-touch provisioning and brownfield deployment for lifecycle management and continued policy based WAN optimization. The Gluware intelligent orchestration engine can provision and deploy nodes in minutes vs. weeks or months with manual solutions, and dramatically simplifies the ongoing management of WAN infrastructure.

Gluware® RESTful API

Gluware, as a Network Orchestration platform, offers a RESTful API for integration to 3rd party systems such as network monitoring and visualization. Using REST provides a common API for support of multiple system integration, reducing the need to custom development using varying API’s for each system that needs to be integrated.

Integration for Lifecycle Management

Integration of the myriad of systems provides the ability to in depth analytics and workflow integration for the lifecycle of the network and the network devices, from customer requests to orchestration to on going monitoring.

By offering a REST API, Gluware provides an industry standard interface that allows for integration of both todays’ current and tomorrow’s emerging systems without the need for custom integration based on the myriad of interfaces of legacy systems.

System Integration with Gluware allows for potential functionalities:

  • Integration with Management systems allows for new site and platform data to be exchanged between platforms to ensure consistency and the exchange of alerts, etc
  • IPAM integration allows Gluware to integrate the IP Addressing of the network devices with the corporate IPAM methodology
  • Performance Monitoring can be integrated, enabling changes to be monitored in near real time
  • Integration with Change Management and CRM systems allows for a seamless workflow for the entirety of the device lifecycle

Discovery how Gluware can integrate to existing systems today.  Contact Glue Networks to learn more about Gluware and the RESTful API.