Orchestration for Virtual Network Functions

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) offers IT departments a new way to design and deploy networks and simplifies the management of the network services riding over the network. NFV virtualizes or decouples the network functions, like firewall protection, intrusion detection, DNS (domain name service), NAT (network address translation), and more, from the specific hardware components responsible for delivering those functions. Paired with Software Defined Networking(SDN), NFV enables a network that is easier to grow and respond to the increasing rate of network change requests.
Network Function Virtualization allows IT department to consolidate networking components, simplifying the support required to implement virtualized network functions in the network infrastructure. NFV utilizes standard virtualization technologies to remove the constraints of hardware-based appliances to accelerate the deployment of new network services.

Gluware® for Network Functions Virtualization

Technology improvement and the rapid adoption of cloud-based services have created tremendous business opportunities, yet many enterprises and large business networks have yet to take advantage of these changes. Business and security needs require network operators to continually deploy configuration changes to the network, keeping IT departments away from possible innovation. If your business is looking for better ways to automate the management of your networks, it’s time to look to virtualization orchestration with Gluware to utilize existing capabilities and optimize performance while reducing risk. Save time and money by implementing standardization and best-practice architectures.

Gluware solves these challenges, through software-defined networking (SDN) and NFV. Gluware provides the means to simplifying configuration of the network and lifecycle management via cloud-base software and allowing businesses to become agile and proactive. With Gluware, all network configurations are managed centrally, and physical and virtual devices can be reprogrammed as needed on the fly, simplifying hardware infrastructure and administrative overhead. It’s time to free up your network expertise from mundane tasks and to refocus on business-critical optimization tasks and much more sophisticated network architectures.

The Benefits of NFV and Gluware

Use NFV virtualized network functions to reduce CapEx by minimizing the need to purchase additional function-specific hardware. NFV and SDN not only reduce spending, but also minimized other IT requirements like power and cooling requirements of your network equipment. In fact, by simplifying the provisioning and maintenance of your network, you will also realize significant salving in OpEX.

Maximizing the benefits of NFV and SDN, Gluware reduces the time to deploy new networking services. By accelerating time-to-market, businesses can support changing requirements, take advantage new market opportunities quickly, and improve ROI of new services. Gluware also lowers the risks associated with rolling out new services, giving businesses the freedom to test and refine services to truly meet and exceed the needs of customers.

Meet changing market demands head-on with the Gluware network orchestration platform. You will finally achieve an impressive ability to enable services faster, better, and more reliably. Shed your complexity and risk and travel the road to a fully architected, managed, and orchestrated WAN solution.

Glue Networks solves your challenges through lifecycle management of virtualized network functions optimization allowing businesses to become more adaptable.  Contact Glue Networks today!