Orchestrate Your LAN Switches

Enterprise networks begin and end with a Local Area Network (LAN). LAN switch configuration has developed to be much more than port state, speed and duplex. Switches now have VLAN configuration, advanced Quality of Service (QoS) policies and other features to ensure application data, and real-time voice and video streams  are correctly prioritized. As a result, changes to the LAN switches must be precisely executed, as inconsistencies from small configuration mistakes can result in performance degradation or even downtime. 

Managing Branch Office and Datacenter Switches

The majority of enterprise network operation teams have only partial automation in place, and as a result, many configuration changes still have to be done or verified manually, and as a result:

  • High value IT resources are busy with low level tasks
  • High cost of minor changes to the network 
  • Long time required to implement network change
  • Potential or human errors on manual changes
  • Not scalable at very large scale / globally
  • High cost of outsourced professional services

Gluware LAN Orchestration and Automation

Glue Networks has expanded the capabilities of its Gluware orchestration platform to include LAN switching. Gluware now provides unified end-to-end control of switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and WAN optimization including data center and branches. Gluware is cloud-based and offers IT departments a single pane-of-glass to deploy and life-cycle manage many devices from multiple vendors  effectively.

With Gluware Control, network operation teams can consistently deploy and life-cycle management  switch features such like port configuration, VLAN, QoS policy, spanning-tree, trunk modes across multi-vendor platform. If needed, any of the switch features shown in Gluware Control can be customized with Gluware Lab to ensure that network operators are exactly provisioning features as intended.

Gluware for Enterprise Network Mangement

As the number of enterprise applications continues to explode, networks are evolving into highly complex multi-vendor environments that are unique to each individual enterprise. Legacy network management platforms and current DevOps tools are not built to automate highly customized and interdependent enterprise network feature sets, and do not provide the agility to rapidly respond to business needs. Enterprises are being forced to attempt to code their own in-house automation via scripting, however they do not have the resources of web-scale companies and are largely unsuccessful at automating more than a “load and pray” script while on-going operations remain manual.

Glue’s solution addresses these critical issues by enabling network engineers to automate any combination of current or future multi-vendor networks without “ripping and replacing” existing infrastructure or needing to learn software programming. The patented Gluware network orchestration platform includes a rapid development environment, Gluware Lab, and a network-aware and customizable orchestration engine, Gluware Control. Gluware Lab provides an NDK (Network Development Kit) for network engineers to model sophisticated networks in a simple way, without software programming skills. Gluware Control deploys the validated network models and performs complex change management with advanced detection and remediation capabilities. The Gluware platform enables enterprises to abstract network complexity, achieve real-time network control, and transform their networks to rapidly support changing business needs while preserving investments in infrastructure and team.

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