Data Center Innovation and Agility

As business demands on IT Data Centers grow, the need for greater performance and smaller footprint is becoming increasingly important. The increased use of the IP storage network is driving more traffic to the Data Center, pushing capacity requirements ever higher. New switching platforms are delivering that performance with 25G server access and 100G inter-switch connections. Data Centers are responding by moving away from the traditional 3-tiered architecture in favor of programmable Ethernet fabric overlay; right-sizing the network rather than overhauling it.

Even the hardware vendors are responding to these needs by shifting their differentiation from connectivity and speed toward software features enabling better management, faster provisioning, and workload management. More intelligence is needed to improve server-to-server performance to support increased data requirements and more distributed applications throughout the enterprise.

The big concerns are how these new technologies affect complexity and integration. Implementation must be simplified as data center management must now be cross-silo and cross-vendor. While SDN and fabric overlays offer a more agile infrastructure, they are still fully dependent upon the physical network underneath. Control, visibility, and data center automation are critical.

Gluware® – Data Center Transformation through Orchestration

Glue Networks addresses those concerns by providing data center solutions to simplify complexity and integration. IT organizations must embrace new technology to support growing business requirements, but that technology must integrate seamlessly with the brownfield data center systems in place. Without Gluware, automating brownfield multi-vendor environments is a daunting task.

Gluware provides a layer of automation to simplify network complexity and dramatically improve lifecycle management capabilities across all connected devices, from switches, and load balancers, to routers and firewalls. Gluware provides the tools to help data centers right-size their network as well as support innovation and growth. Gluware is vendor agnostic allowing data center automation to support innovation and choice across changing architectures and new technologies without needing to load software on every data center device.

Protect your network investment. Build best practice data center solutions that maximize your network, minimize man-hours to implement, while ensuring consistency, security, and operational excellence. Embrace new technology with assurance; embrace data center virtualization; embrace Gluware for true data center orchestration.

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