Orchestrate Your Cisco IWAN

The Gluware® intelligent orchestration platform is ideally suited to automate Cisco’s Intelligent WAN (IWAN) architecture, simplifying network provisioning and life-cycle management while maintaining the underlying feature richness. Glue Networks is a Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Solution Partner.

Gluware for Cisco IWAN Orchestration

Priorities in business always change, and the network needs to adjust with it. With our automation of the Cisco IWAN architecture, the Glue Networks intelligent orchestration platform enables our customers to quickly deploy intelligent networks that are agile and responsive at the application tier.

Gluware is a software defined network orchestration platform that provides sophisticated end-to-end life-cycle management and orchestration of the Cisco IWAN architecture. Gluware greatly simplifies deployment of today’s advanced networks reducing time from months to days, leveraging pre-build models of Cisco’s IWAN features which include:

  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN)
  • Dual Internet, Dual MPLS & Internet / MPLS hybrid WANs
  • Performance Based Routing (PfRv3)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • IP Multicast
  • Certificate Authority
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Global such as AAA, NTP, DNS
  • And more…

Gluware goes beyond standard IWAN features providing customizable configuration management for additional features typically used including zone based firewall, local breakout, OSPF routing and more.

Gluware goes beyond standard IWAN features providing customizable configuration management for additional features typically used including more advanced topologies such as transit data centers or LAN switching for example. Gluware also allows for customization by allowing the operators to implement custom CLI to further enhance the orchestration of the network to specific requirements.

Implementing advanced features on Cisco intelligent WANs requires detailed expert network engineering knowledge beyond the standard in-house capabilities of most companies. Without the Gluware orchestration platform, leveraging advanced features, such as Zone based Firewall or QoS, requires each WAN router to be properly configured and the overall WAN architecture adapted to the precise applications requirements. Ongoing maintenance of those implementations as business needs and application change, is also difficult and time consuming. The ROI for Gluware is easily seen in the man-hours to implement, troubleshoot and optimize these features, freeing the highly skilled networking experts for other tasks.

Using Gluware, customers can now focus on their specific business requirements and select best-practice approaches to intelligent WAN integration. Adding advanced features with less effort speeds time-to-market and reduces the risk of deployment.

Best Practice Solutions for Intelligent WANs

Gluware has built-in intelligence at the architectural layer, allowing businesses to deploy best-practice solutions without the time-consuming validation. Gluware operates at a higher layer and uses Cisco’s IWAN architecture as a stable platform for Gluware to perform its orchestration and Cisco IWAN optimization tasks.

Glue Networks allows customers to easily utilize the advanced features in their Cisco hardware without manual device-by-device configuration. In many cases, new and advanced features are often not enabled due to the fact that IT administrators shy away from network wide changes and perceived risk of implementing such changes. Gluware makes it easy and safe for IT organizations to enable advanced features by separating and abstracting an intelligent architecture layer. By reducing complexity, the IT staff is relieved from routine tasks and can focus on enabling features to create business value while the Gluware orchestration engine handles the configuration details based on best practices.

Gluware ensures consistency, pervasive security, and operational excellence, while reducing OpEx through automation. Enable a new level of agility in your Cisco WAN.

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