Gluware Orchestration Solutions

Simplified Control

Simplified multi-vendor control for the operations team through single UI

Dramatically reduced network complexity due to network model–Less knowledge require to operate and service the network

Frees up senior engineering to focus on emerging requirements and architecture

Single platform, multiple purpose orchestration – allows each team to manage within their domain
(e.g. network engineering for routing, security teams for firewalls)

Lower Cost and Faster Time to Market

Removes complexity from deployments and on-going operations

Zero-Touch Deployment for generalist IT staff

Hides confusing parameters from operators

Enables fast response to ongoing application and network changes

Removes the network ops bottleneck to faster application deployment or network change

Implement a features across a network, even with multiple vendors

Instant re-provisioning on hardware replacement, even if different version / model / vendor
(as long as hardware is capable to support models)

Brownfield Capability

Gradually migrate an existing network and/or device

Deploy both by platform as well as by feature

Avoid network disruption

Upgrade firmware with instant re-provisioning

Upgrade between hardware device generations without needing to define variance in hardware or OS

Deploy features across portions or all of the network simultaneously

Multi-Vendor Capability

Transparent multi-vendor capable to manage various devices/vendors

Modeling of a same feature concept across vendors

Enable the ability to model, deploy, and manage an entire branch/WAN (router, switch, UTM, WAN Acceleration, etc) from a single platform

Deploy easily best-of-breed hardware by required capability

Compliance and Audit

Increase the Compliance reporting accuracy

Consistent configuration deployment across the network

Detection and notification of manual changes

Network state analysis (actual vs. configured state)

One step remediation

Standardization on single configuration management tool

Highly Customizable

Adjust modeling to customer needs for any network deployment

Ability to add custom CLI for specific implementation needs

Define and implement custom features either from Gluware Control leveraging pre-built models, or Gluware Lab for creating and validating new features