Gluware control

 Gluware Control is the first multi-vendor, model-driven Software Defined Network Orchestration platform for the deployment and lifecycle management of enterprise networks. It comes with pre-built network features that accelerate the creation of turn-key solutions for network orchestration and automation. Gluware Control’s companion platform, Gluware Lab, is available for customers that require customization, from simple user-interface form changes to extension of network models.

Gluware Control

  • Multi-vendor network modeling and lifecycle management
  • Pre-validation, verification and auto-revert on failure
  • Network-awareness through the underlying orchestration engine resolving potential dependencies
  • Zero-touch or brownfield deployment
  • Detect unauthorized configuration changes and single click remediation
  • Policy compliance with out-of-sync notification
  • Full PKI automation and 2FA security
  • Leverages pre-built, best-practice and Gluware Lab customized architectures
  • Pre-integrated packages for multiple vendors
  • Solutions for LAN, WAN and Data Center
  • SSH, IPSEC and RESTful API support
solutions control

Gluware Control Features

Software Delivery

  • Public Cloud SaaS
  • On-Prem (Data Center or Private Cloud)

Solution Packages

  • A10 (load balancer)
  • Cisco IWAN + (routing, Hybrid WAN, SD-WAN)
  • Cisco Switching (L2 switching)
  •  Fortinet (firewall, load balancer)
  • Palo Alto (IPSEC)
  • Riverbed (WAN optimizer)

Connectivity Options

  • SSH
  • RESTful API

Provisioning Features

  • Preview Modes:
    • Connected (device connection, logs and delta CLI generated)
    • Initial (no connection, model checked, logs and CLI generated)
    • Model Validation (no connection, model checked and logs generated)
  • Validate feature data models including user data
  • Discovers configured state and applies compare engine to published model
  • Analysis engine validates assembled features
  • Feature Runtime Engine executes in required order with known dependencies
  • Semantic Runtime Engine provides required structure for CLI or REST API
  • Proxy support for connectivity to private networks
  • Tracking of provisioned state by feature (published or provisioned)

Provisioning Logs

  • Real-time and historical log views
  • Logging levels
    • Response
    • Debug
    • Info
    • Warning
    • Checkpoint
    • Task
    • Error
  • Available for Preview Mode and live provisioning

Gluware Platform features

  • Multi-tenant
  • Triple redundant storage of configuration data
  • Integration with online distribution center for usage of packages created or customized using Gluware Lab
  • Organization settings/management
  • User settings/management
  • Brownfield support with limited or fully supported feature management
  • Integrated command prompt for direct CLI access to managed devices
  • Zero-touch provisioning (USBConnect)
  • Advanced provisioning (IPSEC, SSH or RESTful API)
  • Watchdog agent monitoring un-authorized changes
  • Simple process for device swap
  • One-click remediation

Model-Driven Controls (Constructs)Domain (multiple nodes)

  • Feature (single node)
  • Global (entire network)
  • Nodes (device types)
  • Customs/Scripts
  • Ability to group controls for a node using assemblies

Orchestration Engine Features

  • Dynamic NDK (pre-built, extensible classes)
  • Discovery
  •  Analysis
  • Validation
  • Renderer (CLI or REST)
  • Feature Runtime Engine (FRE)
  • Semantic and Rendering Engine (SRE)
  • Dependency validation
  • Parallel Provisioning

Certified Vendors

  • A10 Networks load balancers (ACOS)
  • Cisco routers (IOS, IOS-XE)
  • Cisco switches (IOS, IOS-XE)
  • Fortinet firewalls (FortiOS)
  • Palo Alto firewalls (PANOS)
  • Riverbed WAN accelerators (RiOS)

Early Availability Vendors

  • Arista switches (EOS)
  • Cisco (NXOS, ACI)
  • F5 load balancers (TMOS)
  • Juniper routers (JunOS)

Gluware Platform

Multi-Vendor, Model-Driven Software Defined Network Orchestration Platform

Gluware – A single platform built around DevOps principles of designing, validating, deploying and managing networks leveraging a proven intelligent orchestration engine.

  • Network-aware orchestration engine “understands” the interdependencies between network features, policies and overall architecture
  • Network-aware extends transparently to customized features developed with Lab using the multi-vendor Dynamic NDK
  • In production Gluware Control provides cloud-based or on premise multi-tenant and massively scalable orchestration

Provisioning and lifecycle management of advanced networking solutions for the LAN, WAN and Data Center leveraging zero-touch or migrating brownfield deployments