Use Case - DNS Feature Change

One scenario that occurred last year with a Customer’s existing deployment was a decommissioning of DNS servers on the internal network.  These DNS servers were referenced as part of the local DHCP configuration on each teleworker and branch node for name resolution.  New DNS servers upgraded to 2012 needed to be added to all CPEs.

Traditional Scenario

Without Gluware, we would need to login to each device and manually update the DNS servers in each IP DHCP Pool.  It could be automated using a script but would still take script development time to account for platform differences.

Gluware Scenario

Using Gluware Control, we can simply edit the existing ipDistribution feature and update the DNS IP addresses.  A remote sync on the CPEs would be all that is required to update across the entire network.

Net Benefit

We would estimate the traditional scenario would require just a few hours defining the CLI and applying to a small number of devices manually.  But at scale (over 120 branches in this example), this would require a significant amount of time to deploy.  Gluware Control makes the feature change very efficient and scalable.