Glue Networks Announces the Gluware 2.0 Orchestration Platform to Deliver Network Automation and SDN for the WAN

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 2, 2015 – Network operations teams are being challenged to maintain and evolve the network and time to delivery for network services is critical. While software-defined networking (SDN) promises to make the network more agile and adaptable, solutions on the market today are missing a higher layer of software to orchestrate new features and policies in a standardized, automated and replicable manner while providing sufficient customization to meet enterprise-level requirements.


Today, Glue Networks announces the release of Gluware 2.0, the intelligent orchestration platform designed to unlock the potential of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) for enterprise networks and operation teams across the services lifecycle. For more information, visit

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The Gluware 2.0 platform delivers SD-WAN orchestration designed to:


  • Simplify network complexity: Gluware 2.0 simplifies the deployment and provisioning of existing configurations and hardware by eliminating manual network design, freeing up in-house expertise for projects with greater ROI.


  • Reduce network lifecycle costs: Through better standardization and greater efficiency, Gluware 2.0 reduces the cost of managing and designing distributed networks while optimizing costs and bandwidth using transport-agnostic flexibility.


  • Boost network agility: Gluware 2.0 drives business innovation with adaptable network management capabilities and enables network engineers to quickly and easily apply the new policies the business needs, at scale. The platform enables network evolution control today and into the future through the gradual migration of existing infrastructure.

Gluware 2.0 introduces:


  • Gluware Control provides intuitive network browsing and device provisioning optimized for large-scale networks. Gluware Control enables network engineers to manage complex networks at scale, providing the capabilities of deploying best-practice and pre-built or customized solutions with near real-time verification, validation, lifecycle management and error messaging. Once deployed, Gluware Control continues to monitor device configurations against the target policy for compliance.
  • Gluware Lab delivers customization capabilities that enable network engineers to build new, and customize existing, or use out-of-the-box, predefined best-practice solutions. Customers can test, validate and iterate these solutions in a controlled lab environment prior to making them available for deployment.


Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder, Glue Networks, said: “Enterprise networks today are complex and evolving. Gluware 2.0 boosts business agility with rapid design and deployment of customizable network functions and configurations on existing networks through DevOps functionality. The network-aware platform allows customers to manage complex architectures for branches with zero-touch provisioning and life-cycle management. Gluware 2.0 enables customers to orchestrate and automate existing and future networks, for both physical and virtual infrastructure, and will prove critically important to smoothly transition from current to future state of the network.”


Claire Rutkowski, CIO, MWH Global, said: “MWH has been using Glue Networks to deliver WAN services and applications to 160 locations for almost two years.  The functionality we get through our network design and our partnership with Glue allows us to more effectively deliver circuit connectivity, bandwidth, rapid project office deployments and collaborative application support.  Gluware 2.0 gives us the open, customizable platform we need to virtually connect the best talent from around the world, regardless of location, to serve our clients in an integrated global way.”


Jeff Reed, vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group, Cisco Systems said: “Mobility, cloud and and Internet of Things are placing tremendous pressure on IT in every industry with personalized offers, faster service delivery, and real-time analytics. As organizations navigate these changes, the network connecting the user to the service will be even more critical to success. Our collaboration with Glue provides customers with a cloud-based orchestration management solution and we believe Gluware 2.0 will help customers take advantage of rich functionality in their Cisco network.”


Brian Ortbals, director of Advanced Technologies WWT, said: “Our customers are struggling with legacy networks with monolithic and inflexible architectures, which are failing to meet their current and future business needs. The new features available in Gluware 2.0 allow us to provide a more comprehensive suite of SD-WAN orchestration offerings to our customers, which enables them to transition from the current to the future state of the network.”


Nick Lippis, co-chairman and co-founder of the Open Networking User Group (ONUG), said: “User pain is the greatest in the WAN because IT business leaders face the challenge of maintaining and evolving the network while time to market and demand for network services continue to increase. Glue Networks has worked closely with ONUG IT business leaders to address all SD-WAN testing requirements. Jeff and the Glue team understand the importance of simplifying network design and operations via enabling zero-touch provisioning; Gluware 2.0 delivers on these key user requirements.”


About Glue Networks

Glue Networks boosts the agility and reduces the complexity of managing distributed networks by intelligently orchestrating SD-WAN policies and simplifying deployment and operations in order to meet the evolving needs of the enterprise. For more information, visit

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