Glue Networks completes ONUG’s first SD-WAN test program

Jeff_GrayWe are excited that Glue Networks has completed the first testing program to validate market solutions against key IT requirements from the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Conference in New York. The ONUG use case validation testing is a landmark event in the networking industry, signaling the first time commercial SD-WAN solutions are being tested against requirements outlined by enterprise users.

The SD-WAN working group has determined a set of 10 business requirements, based on user-developed use cases, that Enterprises should consider when evaluating SD-WAN solutions:

1. Ability for remote site/branch to leverage public and private WANs in an active/active fashion for business applications.

2. Ability to deploy CPE in a physical or virtual form factor on commodity hardware.

3. A secure hybrid WAN architecture that allows for dynamic traffic engineering capability across private and public WAN paths as specified by application policy, prevailing network WAN availability and/or degradation at transport or application layer performance.

4. Visibility, prioritization and steering of business critical and real-time applications as per security and corporate governance and compliance policies.

5. A highly available and resilient hybrid WAN environment for optimal client and application experience.

6. Layer 2 and 3 interoperability with directly connected switch and/or router.

7. Site, Application and VPN performance level dashboard reporting.

8. Open north-bound API for controller access and management, ability to forward specific log events to network event co-relation manager and/or Security Incident & Event Manager (SIEM).

9. Capability to effect zero touch deployment at branch site with minimal to no configuration changes on directly connected infrastructure, ensuring agility in provisioning and deployment.

10. FIPS 140-2 validation certification for cryptography modules/encryption with automated certificate life cycle management and reporting.

sd-wan-groupThe ONUG test partner, IXIA, worked with vendors including Glue Networks to execute the test plan and analyze the results. Glue Networks tested the Gluware SD-WAN orchestration engine which passed all the test requirements.

Glue Networks has attended and sponsored every Open Networking User Group Conference since Nick Lippis and Ernest Lefner launched this amazing community of users back at Fidelity 3 years ago to tackle network transformation. I’ve been privileged to have been a member of the SD-WAN Working Group and to have worked with the user community to define the requirements which includes the set of 10 business requirements shown above (based on user-developed use cases), that Enterprises should consider when evaluating SD-WAN solutions and presented Gluware to the ONUG community.

In addition, we had an opportunity to present on stage with Jeff Reed, vice president, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Groups at Cisco Systems on how their best in class Intelligent WAN routing architecture and our intelligent cloud orchestration platforms have come together to help Matt Cook, sernior director at Forsythe, a $1B+ technology integrator, transform itself into a transport-independent service provider.

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