The Glue Networks Teleworker Solution: SD WAN Before It Was Cool

NateCHeadshotAs the entire world watched the #BlizzardOf2015 approach the east coast of the United States, I couldn’t help but think of all my friends and colleagues in NYC and the surrounding areas, and their happiness to forego work during the aftermath of the blizzard.

Then I started thinking about the economic cost of the blizzard. In particular, will companies suffer because of no corporate Internet capabilities from home? According to research from IHS Global Insights, the costs really do add up.

Teleworking (Cisco Virtual Office – CVO) solutions are nothing new. In fact, Glue Networks has been perfecting the teleworker and CVO solution since 2007. However, many companies have shied away from this technology due to perceived operational inefficiencies (watching Judge Judy) and the nightmare of supporting home networks (Service Providers).

Fear no more. Now, with perfected SD WAN technologies like Glue Networks and Gluware, it’s easier, simpler and cheaper than ever to deploy, manage and operate a teleworker solution like Cisco Virtual Office. Teleworking benefits far outweigh the costs to implement and manage the solution, and companies are seeing more satisfaction and productivity from their employees who telework.

Isn’t it time to refine and formalize your teleworker plan? Contact Glue Networks Today!

Nate Chessin is a 15 year technology and sales professional who is currently the Vice President of Sales at Glue Networks. Prior to Glue Networks, he worked at Cisco for 10+ years in various leadership roles within the Collaboration, Security, Mobility and Service Provider architectures. He is CCIE # 12034

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