Glue Networks Intelligent Orchestration Engine for Cisco Intelligent WAN Available Today on the Cisco GPL

Today, Cisco announced programmability for cloud, campus, and branch networks with the introduction of the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module, firmly establishing Cisco’s leadership position in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for the enterprise network. Also today, Glue Networks announced a new Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) application for its Gluware® intelligent orchestration engine, specially designed to leverage and integrate with the new Cisco APIC Enterprise Module.

Jeff_Gray“Our customers require end-to-end network automation to address the rapidly growing number of users, devices, applications and data that demand constant connectivity. To achieve this, we’re doubling down on SDN and cloud,” said Jeff Reed, Vice President and General Manager of Software-Defined Networking and Manageability at Cisco. “Cisco believes the next generation of IT will be defined by its ability to instantly respond to business priorities. We are excited that the Glue Networks intelligent orchestration app is now tightly integrated with the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module, enabling our customers to quickly deploy intelligent networks that are agile and responsive at the application tier.”

Gluware by Glue Networks is a cloud-based software solution used to easily deploy, manage, and monitor feature-rich WANs. Gluware builds on the capabilities of the APIC Enterprise Networks Module to provide sophisticated end-to-end management and orchestration that greatly simplifies deployment of today’s complex networks from months to days. Customers using Gluware and the newly released IWAN app can immediately and effectively start exploiting Cisco’s IWAN features which include:

  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) for transport independence with scalable secure connectivity
  • Performance Based Routing (PfR) for intelligent network traffic path selection,
  • Application Visibility and Control (AVC) and Application Acceleration optimization (WAAS)
  • Cloud Web Security (CWS), with certified strong encryption, firewalling and comprehensive threat detection and defense

Without the Gluware orchestration engine, implementing advanced features on the WAN requires detailed expert network engineering knowledge beyond the in-house capabilities of most companies. For example, to leverage a feature such as PfR, each WAN router must be properly configured and the overall WAN architecture adapted to the applications requirements. This can take many man-hours to implement, troubleshoot and optimize, even for highly skilled networking experts.

Using the Gluware orchestration engine, the specific configuration details are handled automatically. This allows customers to focus on their specific business requirements and select best-practice approaches to integrate advanced feature services into their WAN while Gluware will continuously monitor and report on potential error conditions. Enterprises can accelerate the speed to market and minimize the risk for their mission critical Software Defined WANs.


Gluware provides the pre-defined intelligence at an architectural layer, allowing businesses to deploy best-practice solutions without the lengthy validation by a CCIE or expert engineer or in-house specialized development. Gluware operates at a higher layer and uses the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module as a stable environment for Gluware to perform its orchestration.

Gluware can also communicate directly to IOS devices through a variety of secure methods, however, as more IOS features are supported via the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module over time. Gluware will be able to manage those devices exclusively via the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module, without needing direct access to the controller managed end-point devies. This allows enterprises a cohesive migration strategy where they are able to take advantage of Gluware orchestration today, and have the benefit of a future proof SDN architecture with Gluware tomorrow. Glue Networks is working closely with Cisco to ensure tight integration where Gluware is an expert system app that is integrated via RESTful API with the Cisco APIC Enterprise Module and compatible and synergistic with Cisco’s SDN strategy.

Glue Networks was founded in 2007 with one goal in mind: allow customers to easily utilize the advanced features in their Cisco hardware without complex and lengthy manual device-by-device configuration. Cisco has the largest installed base of WAN routers. In many cases, new and advanced features are often not enabled due to the fact that IT administrators shy away from network wide changes that to perceived operational complexity of implementing such changes. Gluware makes it easy and safe for IT organizations to enable advanced features by separating and abstracting an intelligent architecture layer. By reducing complexity, IT staff are relieved from routine tasks and can focus on enabling features to create business value while the Gluware orchestration engine handles the configuration details based on best practices.

Gluware ensures consistency, pervasive security, and operational excellence. It provides a robust application experience for remote branch users while reducing OpEx through automation and enables a new level of agility in the WAN.

Gluware is available on the Cisco global price list.
You can read Jeff Reed’s blog on today’s announcement here.
A technical white paper on Gluware is available here or go to or follow us on Twitter @GlueNetworks

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