Glue Networks Delivers Unmatched Agility and Cuts Provisioning Time to Minutes for Software-Defined WANs

Glue Networks Delivers Unmatched Agility and Cuts Provisioning Time to Minutes for Software-Defined WANs

NEW YORK, NY – (BusinessWire – ONUG Fall – October 30, 2013) – Glue Networks announced general availability of Gluware® for Hybrid WANs, a cloud-based orchestration engine with MPLS and DMVPN IKEv2 support, during a luncheon keynote today at ONUG Fall 2013. Gluware for Hybrid WANs can provision and deploy thousands of nodes in less than 5 minutes vs. weeks or months with manual solutions, providing flexibility, efficiency and cost savings to Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SDWANs).


Gluware for Hybrid WANs provides large enterprises looking to reduce the cost of deploying their WAN a simple, fast, highly agile automated approach to adding advanced features in a zero touch deployment,” said Jeff Gray, CEO and co-founder of Glue Networks. “The WAN has been a bottleneck and money pit for too long. Gluware for Hybrid WANs now enables a new USB key provisioning method allowing synchronization, node grouping and scheduling functions to ease ongoing management of changes in the WAN.”


Gluware orchestration and automation technology enables substantial savings over legacy solutions, allowing rapid provisioning and on-going synchronization of changes in minutes rather than weeks or months. Gluware automation and synchronization improves security, stability and lifecycle management. The Gluware engine is highly scalable and automatically deploys, manages and monitors Enterprise WAN infrastructure resulting in lower OpEx costs and a new level of agility for WAN feature management.


About Glue Networks
Glue Networks is the leader in the field of intelligent cloud based network automation. Gluware® Cloud Services provide a simple and affordable way to rapidly extend complex corporate networks to remote branch offices and teleworkers, delivering the high-security, high-bandwidth and real-time applications required by today’s modern workforce. Gluware Cloud Services are powered by Gluware, the world’s most advanced network automation engine, building upon well over 100 years of collective networking, telecoms, and software systems development. Glue Networks is leveraging extensive industry partnerships to transform the way IT departments deploy and manage highly distributed networks

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